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    Shredder quotes

    Posted by Nyks on 6/2/2000, 7:26 am

    ARGH! Now you've done it! Do I really have to keep reloading the page all the time or checking it out over and over again just to get all the possible Random Shredder Quotes down? Isn't there a list of them somewhere? Please tell me there is, or I'm gonna have to try and think of a nasty plan to get the Turtles to clash with you as a punishment for not having the full list up somewhere. ;P
    I specialize in quotes but have so very few from TMNT so I was thrilled to see you had Shredder quotes up, just tell me that you have a complete list somewhere, puhleeeze...
    *Signs off with another Shredder quote* "I always wanted to be a writer... had to settle for a ruthless world conqueror instead!"


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