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    Re: Shredder quotes

    Posted by Shredder on 6/2/2000, 5:34 pm , in reply to "Shredder quotes"

    Yes, I truly am a man of many talents. I'm famous for posting "Quotes of the Day" in our Yahoo club "The Technodrome," so we decided to add a similar feature to our page. I do think that Krang has a list of all the quotes I've posted in that club somewhere, since he's the one who does most of the actual computer work on this page. Oh, and about your previous post, Nyks, thanks for the comments...Compliments like "I love the helmet" are truly much too few these days. Well, I guess I've said all I have to say so...
    -PS-Quote of the Day-"It could be worse...we might have wound up in Dimension Z!" (from "The Big Blowout")
    -PPS-Hey, why not continue the quoting tradition on this message board, too?


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