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APRIL O'NEIL: Wrestling begins with five basic moves every grappler learns in his skills to make it to the top. The first is the BODY SLAM!A body slam is where you are lifted into the air and slammed flat into the mat. Although it does not hurt looks can be deceiving. Tohru lifts Leonardo over his head and positions him for the slam. Leo pushes off the sumo's knee to launch himself into the air as Tohru brings him back down but he is not trying to hurt his opponent but help him by not slamming the turtle until his head is tucked into his shell so to speak...This way Leonardo lands safely on his shell-backside instead of his head to avoid certain injury. Then he sells the move by pretending to be in pain.

JADE: The next basic move is the PUNCH! Wrestlers throwing haymakers into each other's faces almost looks to be real blows being delivered but the danger in throwing punches will result in broken & bloody noses, split lips, black eyes and broken wrists & knuckles. So what's the SECRET??? Simple...use the Open Fist because it does not pack much power as the Closed Fist. And unlike those movie & television fights where stunt people swing & miss each other adding sound effects to the blows, wrestlers actually make contact with opponent’s heads & bodies but use light contact with the open fist. Wrestlers upon receiving the fake punches sell the move by pulling at the exact moment to make it look real to the fans.

SPLINTER: Another basic move is the KICK! Here is an example...

"Viper throws Ninjara into the far turnbuckle and rushes to finish her off. Suddenly the vixen samurai raises one leg and strikes back with a powerful kick to the face of the secret agent. However the kick looks real to the fans watching from ringside but the SECRET is wrestlers do not use extreme force behind the move. Ninjara does raise her foot and Viper runs into it...however the secret agent's hand not her head takes the impact while her arm guides the foot to its target. When she snaps her head back at the last second the illusion appears to be as though Ninjara kicked Viper in the head knocking her backwards a step or two"

UNCLE SHENG: Our next basic move in wrestling is the STOMP! You notice there is a lot of stomping going on in the ring. No the wrestlers are not performing the Texas-2-Step dance routine but adding another special effect by making the punching & kicking sounds with their feet. This way the audience reacts to the sound of blows being landed, and cheer & boo excitedly!

CAPTAIN BLACK: Finally the last basic move is...the HEADBUTT! Wrestlers smack heads with each other and it looks almost too real to hurt. Alas, however, it will cause concussion, dizziness, and blackouts if grapplers did whack heads. So what is the SECRET???For example…

"With his hand on his opponent’s head El Toro drives his own head into his thumb and not Donatello's head. Then pulling back he releases his grip on the ninja turtle's head and Don sells the so-called painful move"

SPLINTER: Referees play a part in the sport of wrestling by acting as THE MAN IN THE MIDDLE when the grapplers have trouble communicating with one another during the matches so the man in black-white stripes passes the word.

"Raphael is hitting Chan in the corner repeatedly with continuous blows to his head & body. The referee moves in to break it up stepping in between the combatants and yells "Come on, let the man out of the corner. I said let the man out of the corner!" He orders the turtle to back-off to which Ralph complies with arms upraised in innocent posture but then he says to the ref "Tell him to move" and the referee agrees then turns to inspect Jackie who appears slumped against the buckles. "How are ya doing buddy?" he asks Chan before warning "Move!" and ducks clear as Chan responds quickly by jumping aside as Raphael lunges in to finish him off but crashes instead against the buckles. Jackie instantly takes the wildboy down with an arm-drag onto his back & side and the referee moves in to make sure the hold is not illegal."

JADE: Then there is the so-called "Calling The Match" where wrestlers talk to each other, setting up the moves so they know what to do and how to respond. But with the loud noise coming from the audience around the ring it is impossible to hear what's going on inside the squared circle. So let's turn on the wrestler's hidden microphone to listen in...

"A match between Michaelangelo & Tohru has the party dude on his side in a headlock by the sumo bodyguard. Tohru is saying to Mikey "Give me 2 elbows, tackle, duck the elbow, sunset flip" while simultaneously yells to the referee "Check him ref, you better check him, he's mine!" and the referee complies by inspecting Michaelangelo's arm by lifting and letting it fall. If the arm drops 3 times it means that grappler cannot continue and the ref calls for the bell to ring. However Mikey climbs back to his feet landing 2 elbow strikes to Tohru's midsection doubling the giant over and making him release the hold. Mikey rebounds off the ropes and takes down Tohru flat on his back with the shoulder-tackle. Then he runs across the ring, bounces off the ropes to leapfrog over the sumo bodyguard who throws himself flat on his face to avoid being stepped on. Tohru jumps back up and swings the forearm smash only to have Michaelangelo duck under it perfectly timed and he rebounds off the ropes again to takedown the giant with the sunset flip. Attempting to pin Tohru's shoulders down for the 3-count Mikey is knocked backwards when the giant kicks-out at the count of 2. Suddenly he yells "Clothesline!" and Mikey responds to that move by rushing in and Tohru knocks him flat on his shell."

APRIL O'NEIL: Referees are supposed to look for foreign-hidden objects wrestlers might bring into the ring to use illegally. But he never finds anything and why should he? Instead he is passing off last-second instructions to the grapplers before the bell rings. Here is an example...

"The referee is inspecting Leonardo and Battletoad Zitz before the start of the match but what he's really doing is telling both combatants what they will do at the sound of the bell. "Ok, we have a couple minutes before the start of the Main Event. You will jump Leo at the sound of the bell, ok?" he says to Zitz who nods in agreement then explains the same instructions again "Ok, we have a couple minutes before the start of the Main Event. He's going to jump you at the sound of the bell, ok?" and Leo nods too. "Guys go back to your corners" orders the man in black and white stripes and both grapplers comply. Then as the bell rings Zitz rushes towards Leonardo whose back is turned and collides into the turtle driving him face first against the turnbuckles and pounds away. Quickly the ref moves in to stop the fracas "Hey, let him out of the corner!"

JADE: And that ends this portion of THE SECRETS OF PRO WRESTLING until next time when the turtles, toads, Jackie, Viper, Ninjara, El Toro & Tohru demonstrate more of the not-so-violent moves inside the ring!



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