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APRIL O'NEIL: We move on with the so-called violent holds, counter-holds, finishers used by the wrestlers in the ring to make it look real to the fans but in reality it is not real. Here we go!!!


JADE: In this move battletoad Rash and Ninjara demonstrate how it's done for us. The vixen grabs the toad hooks one arm around his head & neck and Rash throws one of his arms around her shoulders then as the samurai lifts the toad straight up into the air Rash jumps up as Ninjara lifts him to support the weight evenly between them. Now the lady fox begins to fall backwards to the mat taking the battletoad down with her and as they hit the canvas together Rash is using Ninjara's arm to support his neck from striking the mat and tucks in his chin so at the moment of impact Ninjara releases her grip on Rash and the toad sells the move by grabbing his head and screaming in pain while thrashing about on the mat.


SPLINTER: Dropkicks are similar to martial arts kicks when one takes another down quickly with a powerful kick! In this example battletoad Pimple and Michaelangelo reveal how it's done...Mikey throws Pimple into the ropes then as the brown toad bounces back out Mikey jumps straight up thrusting both feet outwards and away from his body to hit Pimple in the chest to drive him off-balance, off his feet and onto the mat. Pimple uses his hands to take the force of the blow instead of his midsection and propels himself backwards to land safely on his shoulders & backside instead of his head & neck.


UNCLE SHENG: Aye-yiyi! One such high-risk maneuver is the flying body press whether it's done inside the ring or outside the ring because the danger comes when one wrestler steps aside and his opponent crashes into the mat or the turnbuckles himself! One more thing, here is the SECRET to this move. My nephew Jackie Chan and Viper demonstrate this move together. The secret agent tosses Jackie over the ropes using the head scissors routine onto the floor outside the ring then climbs atop the turnbuckles waiting for him to get back up and turn around. Suddenly Viper leaps into the air and throws herself directly at Chan who reaches out with both arms to catch & cushion her hard landing as they both topple onto the mats surrounding the ring. This way neither of them get hurt! Or another example is Donatello and Raphael inside the ring with the wildboy getting whipped across the ring into the far buckles and then Mr. Fix-It-Genius comes running towards him, jumps into the air and slams himself into his midsection knocking the wind out of his sails.


CAPTAIN BLACK: This devastator move is to KO your opponent, finish him off and go for the kill so to speak. Ninjara throws Viper into the ropes then hip tosses her over her shoulders onto the mat. Next she stomp-kicks the secret agent in the shoulder AKA delivering a message "Tuck the arm in so it will not get broken" Now Ninjara rebounds off the ropes, jumps up and comes down on hands & knees to splash onto her opponent’s chest. Viper lifts her head up at the last second to absorb some of the shock from the landing and pretends to cry out in pain from the so-called blow.


SPLINTER: The immortal Hollywood Hulk Hogan knows how to execute this finisher when defending his WWF World Heavyweight Championship. Leonardo whips Tohru into the ropes and as the sumo bodyguard comes back out Leo sticks out his foot and Tohru takes it in the kisser and falls backwards onto the mat. Leo bounces off the ropes, jumps up and brings one leg down across his opponent’s chest but forms an "ARCH" with his leg leaving enough breathing room for Tohru, and his leg does not hit the sumo's neck or chest. Tohru sells the move by pretending to be hurt from the impact.


APRIL O'NEIL: This dangerous finishing move could really hurt or injure wrestlers badly resulting in paralysis or broken back! El Toro the masked wrestler and Pimple demonstrate for us how it's done. Toro has soften up Pimple with several punches or kicks and now places the toad's head between his legs and hooks his arms around Pimple's body. Toro pulls at the same time that Pimple jumps up. Toro then falls back down onto his butt while squeezing his legs to support Pimple's neck from injury. Meanwhile Pimple's shoulders take the force of the blow and he pushes up with his hands as Toro releases his hold. Pimple now pretends to be in agony rolling about grabbing his head or lying motionless on the canvas for Toro to make the pinfall.



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